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QuillEase™ is a registered trademark of Settini, representing our commitment to quality paper that combines the elegance of traditional writing with the advancements of modern technology. Each sheet of our natural white paper invites you to experience writing as a true pleasure.

Natural White for Pure Clarity

Our paper is crafted in a soothing natural white tone, enhancing readability and providing a stark, clean background that makes every ink color pop. This subtle hue adds a touch of elegance without the glare of brighter whites, ensuring a comfortable reading and writing experience under any lighting condition.

Experience Unparalleled Smoothness

With a focus on tactile experience, our ultra-smooth paper allows for effortless ink flow—your pen will glide over the page as smoothly as your thoughts flow in your mind. Whether drafting a quick memo or penning a detailed manuscript, QuillEase™ turns each writing session into a luxurious endeavor.

Embrace the Durability of Archival Quality

QuillEase™ paper is not only pleasant to write on but also built to last. Made using archival-quality materials, it is designed to preserve your documents, ensuring longevity and durability against aging.

Ideal for Various Writing Instruments

QuillEase™ paper supports a wide array of writing tools. It performs exceptionally well with fountain pens, ballpoints, felt tips, and pencils. Our advanced bleed-free technology ensures that your creations remain pristine, with sharp lines and no smudging.

Discover the elegance and utility of QuillEase™ on Settini Journals. Embrace the legacy of quality with QuillEase™, where each page is not just a piece of paper, but a piece of history.

120gsm - Thick, Sturdy and Luxurious

  • Handles heavy ink and markers with ease, making it perfect for artistic notebooks.
  • Provides a premium feel, suitable for executive notebooks, project planning, and presentations.
  • Preferred by artists and creatives for its luxurious texture and durability.
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100gsm - Balanced Durability and Elegance

  • Strikes a perfect balance for planners, diaries, and daily reflections.
  • Smooth texture enhances writing experience and prevents ink bleed-through.
  • Offers durability without adding bulk, ensuring a sleek and professional feel.
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80gsm - Light, Portable and Versatile

  • Perfect for everyday journaling, note-taking, and bullet journaling.
  • Lightweight design ensures portability without sacrificing quality.
  • Ideal for quick sketches, doodles, and spontaneous creativity on the go.
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