Settini's Journaling eBook: Read it on Kindle!

Settini's Journaling eBook: Read it on Kindle!

Experience the joy of journaling with an added bonus! Receive a complimentary journaling ebook with every purchase, ready to be enjoyed on your Kindle for on-the-go inspiration.


Sending PDF to Kindle:

  1. Download the Kindle App: Please ensure you have the Kindle app installed on your iPhone or iPad. It's available for free in the App Store.
  2.  Locate Your PDF: The downloaded journaling book (PDF) is on your device. It could be in your "Files" app or wherever you saved it.
  3.  Send to Kindle: 
    • Long press on the PDF file.
    • Choose "Share" from the menu that appears.
    • Select the Kindle app from the share options.
  4. Set Up in Kindle App:
    • Once you choose to share with the Kindle app, you'll have a few options to fill in:
      • Title: Give your document a title, like "Journaling Book."
      • Author: This could be your name or the original author's name.
    • You'll also see two PDF options:
      • Keep Original Layout: This keeps the PDF as is but may need to be more flexible for reading.
      • Make Layout Adjustable: This converts the PDF into a more flexible format, allowing you to change font size and style, but you won't be able to write directly on the pages.
  5. Send and Sync:
    • Make sure "Add to your library" is on so the document syncs across all your devices with the Kindle app.
    • Click "Send." The file will be sent to your Kindle and should be available in a few minutes.
Reading on Different Devices:
On iPhone/iPad:
  • Open the Kindle app.
  • Look for the document you sent (e.g., "Journaling Book").
  • Choose the version you sent (original layout or adjustable layout) and download it to your device.
  • If you chose the adjustable layout, you could change text size and style for easier reading.
    On Kindle Device:
    • Go to your library and find the document.
    • Both versions (original and adjustable) will be available.
    • The original layout might have small text but retains the PDF's look.
    • The adjustable layout will be more like a standard eBook and easier to read.
    Additional Tips:
    • Text-to-Speech: On iPhones and iPads, you can use the built-in text-to-speech feature to read the book aloud to you.
    • Sending from Computer: If you don't have an iPhone or iPad, you can use Amazon's webpage to send files to your Kindle. Look for the "Send to Kindle" option on Amazon's website to upload and send your PDFs.

    By following these steps, you should be able to enjoy your journaling book on your Kindle, making it convenient to read wherever you go!

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